The Book: “Sent Forth”

Author: Dr. Harvey Kwiyani

Sent Forth

In this book, an African mission scholar and practitioner who has served in several Western countries addresses the reality of the need for and the growing presence of African-born missionaries in the West. Dr. Kwiyani shows that historically African Christianity has held a missionary in impulse since the days of the early Church, one that continued throughout history in many contexts. In our contemporary era, African missionaries witness to the blessed reflex, the notion that the continued evangelisation of the world will need and profit from the energies of the African churches. He attempts, successfully if the reviews are anything to go by, to begin an interpretive work that builds bridges between African immigrant Christians and Westerners in the hope that they can transcend the separating forces for the sake of God’s mission in this global village of cultural diversity.

Scholars of missions, migration, anthropology, and other subjects, in addition to researchers, and students interested in understanding the current trends within contemporary missiology, in particular the presence and influence of African Christians and missionaries in Europe and North America, will find this book relevant to their work.

Pastors and other congregational leaders who wish to understand how to work effectively with African immigrant Christians showing up in their cities and attending their churches will also benefit from this book.

Finally, the book speaks to African and other non-Western Christians, pastors, missionaries who wish to understand the current Western mission field and how to be effective missionaries in the West. If you are leading a church in a city where Africans exist, or if you are an African Christian living in the West, you definitely need to read this book. It will help you understand some of the main issues affecting your missionary work. It also suggests practical ways to make missional collaboration possible.

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